Friday, January 28, 2005

Linux at Business Week

Linux has been the Business Week cover story a couple of times now. BW online includes for free (no registration required, either) the recent feature on "Linux Inc." and the March 2003 feature on "The Linux Uprising." I particularly like the cover picture from the uprising story, which shows Tux, Linux' mascot penguin, glaring with flyswatter in flipper at the Microsoft butterfly.

Perhaps the reason Linux has made the cover of BW is that Tux is cuter than most CEOs. Or perhaps it's because BW is "tech-savvy," or some such horrible phrase. They even have blogs; let's go to The Tech Beat. Hang on, why can't I just sub with bloglines from my toolbar, and why doesn't that funny button appear at the bottom right of my Firefox window? Oh all right, I'll go to their ugly XML to subscribe.