Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Commenting and Trackback

I have changed the settings on this blog to use the commenting built into Blogger itself, rather than the commenting service provided by Haloscan. The reason for this is that Haloscan limits the length of each comment. I didn't realize this until one of my students tried to do an online assignment by leaving a comment at this blog, and hit the limit of 1000 characters. By upgrading my Haloscan account from free to premium, I could get this limit raised to 3000 characters, but that may not be enough.

So I decided to switch to Blogger commenting, which has recently been enhanced. I checked that it imposes no limit on comment length.

The simplest way of making the switch seemed to be to remove all the Haloscan code from the blog's template. This removes trackback, as well as commenting. I regret the loss of trackback, and hope to be able to reinstate it in this blog. It is high on my wishlist of things I'd like to see in Blogger. If Blogger doesn't add it soon, and I find myself really missing it, I may put Haloscan trackback back in. But right now, I don't have time.

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Blogger Wayne Hurlbert said...

I've found the trackback only addon from Haloscan to work quite well. I use another third party commenter, added to my template in the pre-commenter days of Blogger.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Yes, I've also used trackback only from Haloscan, and found it to work fine. But every time I change my template, I need to check it to make sure that the change worked and that it hasn't broken anything else. (Blog(ger) templates seem to be sort of fragile.)

I'll see how much I miss trackback before I spend any time putting it back in. Of course, if I really miss trackback, and get really tired of the lack of categories, then I should pack up my blog and go elsewhere (i.e. to one of Blogger's rivals).

6:26 PM  
Blogger Joan said...

I have haloscan. For some reason about a week ago, I am unable to comment on anybodys blog that has haloscan. I can comment of those that don't use blogger or those that use blogger comments. Any suggestions..this is making me crazy.


12:10 PM  

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