Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Firefox: 25 Mdownloads!

Firefox is the web browser I use. It is free, in two senses of the word. It is free, in that you can download it for no charge; in fact, one of the buttons in the sidebar of my blog invites you to do just that. It is also free in that it is free/open source software; you can if you wish download and modify the code (subject to the Mozilla Public License).

It now been downloaded over 25 million times! See posts from Asa Dotzler and Blake Ross of Firefox, and from Robert Scoble of Microsoft. Yes, Scoble did congratulate the developers of an application that is taking market share from a Microsoft product (Internet Explorer). Good for him; and, I suppose I should add, good for Microsoft for tolerating (and even encouraging?) Scobleizer.

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