Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Google Share and TypePad

Elise Bauer recently posted an update to her overview of the blog publishing tools market. She used data from Google to generate a measure of blogging tool use. In the update, she introduces the term Google Share to refer to a percentage derived from her measure. (Hey, googleshare isn't yet a Technorati tag... let me fix that!) I won't summarize Elise's article here. It's well worth reading the whole thing, which is short given the amount of good information it contains (although it is considerably longer than most blog postings).

I want to focus on TypePad. In terms of Google Share, it is in third place, behind Blogger and LiveJournal. In terms of growth in share over the last 6 months, it is in second place behind only Blogger. Elise remarks that it is doing very well charging for its tool/hosting, given many of its competitors (including Blogger and LiveJournal) provide a similar service at no charge. Robert MacManus posts a theory about TypePad's success.

I attribute this to the customization features that TypePad offers. Both Blogger and LJ have very limited customization functionality, and MT and Wordpress are generally too difficult for average non-technical users to customize. So TypePad offers a unique service (combining customization with ease-of-use) that is obviously well valued in the market.
I am currently trying TypePad. I posted there yesterday evening that one of my initial reactions was its lack of customizability compared with Blogger. In particular, I wanted more control over the template, preferably in the form of access to the html. Maybe I should try to upgrade my free trial from the Basic level to Plus or Pro . TypePad's comparison chart shows that each of the three levels gives more control over the template.
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