Friday, February 18, 2005

Google's CFO (F is for?)

Just saw this post at the Infectious Greed blog. Paul Kedrosky quotes from a NYT story about a recent analyst relations day at Google. Apparently those presenting to the analysts included the chef (Chief Food Officer?) but not the Chief Financial Officer. To be fair, the CFO (in the sense of C$O) was present and did answer questions.

The article quotes the CEO (yes, I do mean Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive) as saying that: "We are moving to a Google that knows more about you." I think that's meant to be good news.

Thanks to Paul for passing this on, for giving us the fun stuff without sending us over to the NYT site (where we may be questioned at the door) and for resisting the temptation to attempt a joke about "cooking the books." As you can see, my willpower is not as strong as Paul's.