Tuesday, February 22, 2005

iUpload: Trying

There is a lot of buzz about iUpload as a firm to watch in 2005 and beyond. Is the buzz merited by the product, or it "just" public relations? Of course, it could be both. One of the places I read about iUpload is at the blog of its PR person, Renee Blodgett. In a recent post she provides pointers to coverage of iUpload. It's an impressive list of sites, including not only bloggers such as Jeremy Wright, but also news sites such as Forbes.com.

So what does iUpload offer? It provides a blog publishing tool/hosting service called iUplog. iUpload starts to sound more distinctive when we add Perspectives, which is a means of directing content from iUplog to multiple channels. This sounds interesting. I could post to my iUplog blog, and use Perspectives to send one post to the "free web" blog you're currently reading, and also to a Yahoo group. Then I could send another iUplog post to my book-oriented blog and also to Ebay (if I was strong-willed enough to be selling books), and so on.

So, as I understand it, just as I use Bloglines to aggregate my much of the content I consume from blogs and other sites with XML (Atom or RSS) feeds, I could use iUplog to aggregate my content production, then use Perspectives to direct each post to the right places. The advantages of centralized content management like this are of course potentially far bigger for an organization than for an individual such as me.

iUpload is currently offering a free trial. I am a serial blogger who finds it hard to resist the chance to start yet another blog. So there's a new blog at iUplog, AndWat's perspective. There are three posts there so far. The first is just an introduction. The second is about iUplog as a blog, and about the difficulties I'm having with its feed, which does not appear to be XML. The third is about Perspectives. The fourth will probably be about iUpload's technical support, with whom I am in touch.

More on iUpload soon...

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