Wednesday, February 02, 2005

MoFo and the Global Economy

MoFo is, among other things, the nickname of the law firm Morrison & Foerster. The web site is, and it includes this page about the mofo nickname. As you can see if you follow the link, the top of each page identifies the firm as MoFo: lawyers for the global economy. Isn't that hilarious?

I mean, come on, global economy! Barriers to international trade still include: tariffs, terror, anti-terror, currency exchange, etc. We don't have a single global economy, and I doubt that we ever will. Now, I agree that we see evidence of globalization: the reduction in barriers to trade and other interactions between countries. The Euro is one example. But it's the Euro, not the Globo, or whatever ugly name would be applied to the world currency we will probably never have, at least not in the current century.

I have a list of words I think are used too often, and too loosely, often in an attempt to make one's words sound more important than they really are. The list includes: strategic, synergy, and, of course, global. Anyone else have a similar list?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you say there is no global economy? What is it when IBM ships 14,000 jobs to India? Why is it the the intellectual properties of hot new technologies are derived in India, manufactured in China, and sold in the US and Europe. As companies develop and exploit their own innovation networks, the global economy, the flat coalesced economy, has an established sense of definition. To say that a global economy does not exist because of terrorism, and currency exchange, when in reality these elements of the economy fuel the global economy, is foolish. Nations have reduced barriers to trade as a result of partnerships in effort to stop terrorism. Who do you think develops the chips implanted in the machines that airport security uses? Who develops the after-market supply chain software to manage and monitor the operations of those chips? Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians,.... everyone has their hands in the bowl. Who maintains the intellectual property. Now, due to evloving technology, more than ever is the global economy prevalent.

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