Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Others on ASKJ/Bloglines

Not surprisingly, it seems as though everyone and his blog is weighing on the deal. Among those commenting are:
  • Jim Lanzone at the Ask Jeeves blog.
  • John Battelle at his SearchBlog. He estimated that the deal was worth $25M or more, but reports having subsequently been told that it was nearer to $14M.
  • Charlene Li of Forrester considers the deal a "win-win."
  • Allen Weiner of Gartner views the deal as a salvo in the "battle for the blogosphere" between the major portals due to rage in 2005. Obviously, the majors include Google, MSN, and Yahoo. During his short article, Weiner seems to change his mind about whether Ask Jeeves is also a major portal.
See also my posts/links of earlier today.