Monday, February 28, 2005

Red Couch: New Cover?

I would have titled this post something like "Blog or Die Comment 1.1," but it seems that I was far from the only person who dislikes Blog or Die as the title of Robert Scoble and Shel Israel's book. Shel's posting of a few hours ago acknowledges this. It also shows how genuine he and Robert are about using the book's blog to solicit feedback.

For the book's title, how about Your Business Needs Blogs? The first paragraph might be something like:
Your business should not blog. That might seem like a strange way to open a book about why your business needs blogs. But blogs are not written by businesses. Blogs, or at least good blogs, are written by people. To be more specific, a good blog post is written by an individual with passion and authority.

The second paragraph might remark on how difficult and dangerous this might seem. Which individual employees? What limits, if any, should be set on their blogging?

I'll shut up about the book itself for now, and close this post with a comment on titles and tagging. I did a Technorati search on tag: blogordie, and found that the tag was not in use. That tag won't be useful if the book's title is going to change. I then did a search on tag: redcouch. It didn't come up with any blog postings. But it did come up with a few photos on Flickr, my favorite of which was this one.

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Blogger shel israel said...

This is good advice. I like your lead. Wish we had thought of it.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks for the kind words.
Feel free to use this suggestion, and any other suggestion I make, in your book. I hereby, for the Red Couch book only, waive the "noncommercial" and "noderivs" restrictions in the Creative Commons license on this blog. But I don't waive the "attribution" clause :)

12:08 PM  
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