Friday, February 04, 2005

V-Day is on the Way

With Valentine's day only 10 days away, it's time to start thinking about cards, gifts, .gifs, and .jpgs appropriate for the occasion. Such as this one:

You can find more images by the artist, Jason Sho Green, here. The link goes to the page at which you can buy cards from him. (The text link, that is; the image links to Jason's home page.)

At the time of writing, all the cards there are for V-day, which implies to me that the selection may change as different occasions approach. But, assuming that your click gets you to a page similar to the one currently up, I should warn (or promise) you that not all of the images are suitable for Grandma. Of the current V-day images, I particularly like #10, which is one of the unsuitable ones.

Because he's selling stuff, and because he's either smart or generous as well as talented, Jason allows, and in fact encourages, links to his work. It's usually silly to discourage use of your work. People can't buy it, enjoy it, or even experience it, if they don't find it.

Notice that I say (and emphasize) usually. There are exceptions. And even when you want to encourage use of your work, you may wish to set limits on the use. That's why I like Creative Commons, and have a "CC: some rights reserved" button in the sidebar of this and other blogs.

I found Jason's work by following the link from this post by Randa at the moorishgirl blog.