Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Web 2.0 Definition(s)

"Web 2.0" is a much-flung-about buzzphrase these days. But what does it mean? Richard MacManus addresses this question in a recent post to his excellent blog, Read/Write web.

Warning: if you are perplexed by the term "Web 2.0," Richard's post is unlikely to unperplex you. It includes no fewer than 11 definitions, including his own favorite.
Well I prefer the succinct "The Web as Platform", because I can then fill in the blanks depending on who I'm talking to. For corporate people, the Web is a platform for business. For marketers, the Web is a platform for communications. For journalists, the Web is a platform for new media. For geeks, the Web is a platform for software development. And so on.
What I'd like to see is an explanation of the geek definition that makes it interesting and relevant to corporate people, journalists, etc. I think that web as a platform for software development is relevant to such (mainly) non-technical audiences, or at least to portions of them. Chances are, someone has probably written a good, accessible account of why it's relevant. Now, if someone would give me the link...


Anonymous Martin said...

Hi my name is Martin
I'm a student trying to make sense of WEB2.0 can someone explain in terms that other novices can read please
thank you in advance

4:56 AM  

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