Friday, March 04, 2005

Apple vs Fifth Estate

The big business and blogging news story today is the preliminary ruling in Apple's case against bloggers who revealed details of forthcoming Apple products, but would not reveal their sources. The ruling is in favor of Apple, stating that the right of the press to protect its sources does not extend to web publishers such as bloggers.

Of course, the story has been extensively covered by traditional media (the fourth estate) and blogs (the fifth estate) alike. For example, there's this post at Business Week's tech blog. As well as presenting a slightly more extensive version of the story, it raises some interesting questions.

If a BW journalist files a story for the magazine, she can protect her sources. If the same journalist blogs the same story using the same words, can she protect her sources?

The link to EFF's coverage of the story is useful, but shouldn't whoever blogged the story know that EFF stands for Electronic Frontier Foundation (not Freedom Foundation, as the BW blog has it as I write this)? Is such a slip more acceptable on a blog than in an article published in a magazine?

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