Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bloglines, etc.

Richard MacManus' (first?) post for today is even more interesting than I have come to expect from him. It is about the integration of search and feed aggregation. He starts by making the case that Microsoft are among the players who consider this integration important.

He then makes the point that Ask Jeeves/Bloglines is a key player, or at least sees a chance of being one. now emphasizes search even more prominently than it features aggregation.

I have a few things to add. (1) Bloglines is the leading aggregator, according to data posted by the Feedburner folks (and others, including Richard). (1.1) So Bloglines, rather than Ask Jeeves, may be the more important part of the search/aggregation combo.

(2) Bloglines' home page currently features a very prominent announcement that the firm is hiring software engineers. (3) Bloglines/Ask Jeeves recently sent me a free I (heart) Bloglines t-shirt! (I was was apparently one of the first couple of hundred people to request one after the acqusisition by Ask Jeeves.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I agree that Bloglines is the more important part of the Jeeves deal. The more I think about it tho, the more I realise what a great deal it was for both of them (Bloglines gets money, plus search features; Jeeves gets, well, Bloglines!!)

ps I also won a tee-shirt. Hasn't yet arrived, but then I'm in NZ. Can't wait to show it off (yes I am a real geek!).


Richard MacManus

8:14 PM  

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