Saturday, March 05, 2005

Friendster Blogs

Friendster now includes blogging. To be more specific, it includes TypePad. There are four levels of service. The top three correspond to TypePad's three levels of service, in price as well as features. I've previous posted about my trial of TypePad, so I won't repeat my comments in this post. There is also a free, ad-supported level of Friendster blog.

There's already been a lot of blogging about this news. One post describes free TypePad as "fantastic value," and estimates Friendster membership at 13 million. Another post approves of, and predicts the spread of, this "strategy of content sites offering blogs to their users."

As a serial blogger, I signed up for Friendster and created myself a blog. Here is my new, free blog at Friendster. My initial reaction on viewing the blog is that banners grab a lot of prime above-the-fold screen real estate before we get to the posts. I was also irked at the number of ads I had to wade through on my short time at Friendster.

So Blogger is still my preferred blogging service. But I think that the Friendster-TypePad deal is a threat to Blogger and hence to its parent company Google. First, the deal puts those millions of Friendster customers closer to Six Apart, owner of TypePad and Blogger's main competitor. Second, Friendster blogging, even at the free level, offers categories and trackback, two features that Blogger conspicuously lacks.

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