Tuesday, March 01, 2005

From WSJ and BW

I don't subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. I don't think that I need to, since interesting stuff from it comes to my attention via colleagues, students, blogs, and other valuable inforchannels. For example, I just saw this post to PaidContent, summarizing a WSJ article about differences between Google and Yahoo. Then via a couple of other blogs (I'm sorry, I forget which ones) I found this WSJ online free article on blogging as a tool for business, particularly small business.

Over at Business Week online, there's an article on tagging and its impact on search, with references to del.icio.us and other relevant sites. In the print edition (and also online) there's an article about "the next generation" of media executives, with no mention of blogging. I do subscribe to Business Week, by the way; it's my only dead tree subscription.

I don't post every time the "old media" says anything about blogging, but there seemed to be a critical mass of articles this morning.


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