Monday, March 28, 2005

Green Card Blues

The title of this post overstates the problem, or at least, I hope it does. My wife and I went to the JFK Federal Building in Boston today, having been given 11am today as the time and date for my green card interview. We'd started the process in the summer of 2004 by submitting a bunch of forms and supporting documents.

My name was called at 10:45, i.e., 15 minutes early. That sounded good, until they told us that they couldn't do the interview today because they didn't have the documents. Apparently they had been sent via UPS to Boston from whichever central processing center had centrally processed them. But the box containing my file and a bunch of others seems to have gone missing.

I couldn't resist suggesting that it might have been a good idea to use the United States Postal Service. The very pleasant and apologetic officer with whom we were talking laughed, took our phone number, and said that we'd get a call when the file turned up. Could they have called us before we went to the Federal Building? I suspect that the answer is: no, your phone numbers are in you file, and who knows where that is.

So Judy and I took the opportunity to have a lunch date.

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