Wednesday, March 02, 2005

HBR on Blogging

Harvard Business Review is yet another publication to recently feature blogging multiple times. The February 2005 issue included a list of 20 "breakthrough ideas for 2005." Number 10 on the list is "Blog-Trolling in the Bitstream." There's a page or so written by Mohan Sawhney. It's aimed at marketers, and focuses on the blogosphere as a contrast with traditional media.

The June 2004 issue included a 2-page article by Paul Kedrosky called "Feeding Time." As the title suggests, it's about RSS (and Atom) syndication. It mentions bloggers as early adopters of RSS. But the focus, interestingly, is on syndication rather than on blogging. Paul's last paragraph starts with the following prediction. "As corporate feeds become more visible, your stakeholders will come to expect them and will demand more."

The September 2003 issue included a fictional case study by Halley Suitt, entitled "A Blogger in Their Midst." The viewpoint character is the CEO of a firm who finds out that one of the employees has a blog, and that customers have been reading it...

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