Monday, March 28, 2005

More on Yahoo 360

Since my recent Li-360 post, I've seen a few other postworthy things about Yahoo. Some of them come from Jeremy Zawodny's blog. He has a post on the 360 preview Yahoo ran for "influencers." Apparently Flickr was mentioned time and time again. Jeremy concludes: "So, yeah. We get it. Flickr got a lot of this stuff right."

I hope that Yahoo does get it. The Creative Commons Search suggests that it does. On the other hand, I've seen several reports that the Yahoo Groups interface has become even worse! I found that it became unusable pretty much as soon as Yahoo bought Groups and turned it into a gallery of bad ads. Yahoo's acquisition of Flickr is either an extremely good thing or an extremely bad thing; I expect to know which it before the end of 2005.

Back to the preview... Danah Boyd's post on it includes the following.
I have to say that i’m impressed that Yahoo folks wanted to hear all of our crankiness head-on rather than waiting for it to appear in our random ramblings online. Even better: they didn’t make us sign any NDAs so we can blog all we want...

In fact, a lot of the product is overwhelming for the not-technically-savvy and i think that this will be their major problem... For the techgeek, it will feel like they didn’t go far enough, didn’t have enough features, etc. That’s actually a lot easier to solve than the overwhelming problem.

Jeremy has another recent post in which makes a prediction on the future of the blogging tools market. He focuses on the host-it-yourself segment, as opposed to the hosted segment. He sees it in terms of two subsegments, one comprising personal users and the other coroporate users, and predicts that these subsegments will be dominated by WordPress and Movable Type respectively. Perhaps he's not going out too far on a limb, and his thoughts on the hosted segment, which of course will soon include 360, would be more interesting...

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