Monday, March 07, 2005

Six Apart in LA Times

Today's LA Times has an article about Six Apart. (I'm not sure how long the link will be good for, since the LA times seems to charge for access to its archives.) I got to it via a blog post by Anil Dash of Six Apart, who seems to recommend the article.

I'm not sure that I can recommend it, since it includes several points with which I'd take issue. I'll focus on a couple. The first is the claim that "it's hard to find many weblogs, save for the most rudimentary, that don't run on Movable Type." I hope that Anil Dash, Ben Trott, Mena Trott, and others at Six Apart will contradict that statement. It is insulting to bloggers who are customers of Six Apart but not users of Movable Type. There are many such bloggers, thanks to the success of TypePad and to the success of LiveJournal.

It's also insulting to bloggers who are not users of any of Six Apart's three blog publishing products. For example, Robert Scoble's blog is far from rudimentary, but Scobleizer manages to scrape by on Radio Userland. And then there are all the blogs in Blogger.

That brings me to the second point in the article with which I take issue. Blogger and its associated hosting service Blogspot apparently "are competitors [of Six Apart's products], but are... aimed mostly at novices." I'm not taking this personally, although a look at this blog will show reasons why I might. I'd disagree with the article's dismissal of Blogger and its users by pointing to fine blogs such as A Consuming Experience and The Mumpsimus.

I'm not trying to be a cheerleader or a diehard for Blogger. In fact, a look at recent posts to this blog will show that I am exasperated with Blogger's lack of categories and other important features, and that I am trying out TypePad. But this LA Times article seems to be cheerleading for Six Apart, and particularly for Movable Type.

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Blogger anil said...

I think there's obviously a variety of great blogs on different tools (there's a reason we provide three different platforms for different audiences) so there's definitely a legitimate debate with that point raised in the LA Times story, but the reason I thought it was link-worthy was for the larger discussion of where we at Six Apart come from as a company.

In short, there's always nits to pick, but the general themes seemed exciting, and I hope you agree that the potential of blogs is the part of the story that's most compelling.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Anil, Thanks for your comment. I agree that there's some good stuff in the article.
By the way, I emailed the article's author, Michael Hiltzik, with a link to my post, and his reply was very prompt and courteous.

11:32 PM  

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