Tuesday, March 15, 2005

State of the Blogosphere

David Sifry is posting on the state of the blogosphere using statistics from Technorati, of which he is CEO. He has so far posted part 1, on the growth of blogs, and part 2, on posting volume. Technorati now tracks about 8 million blogs; that number has doubled since October 2004.

While the graph of number of blogs shows shows that growth is steady as well as impressive, the graph of posting volume is spikier. David highlights spikes around events such as the US Presidential election.

Technorati and other blog-concerned parties have had to spend time recently dealing with spam blogs. As the term suggests, they are blogs made of pure spam. They are the logical, if vile, successors to comment spam and trackback spam.

Talking of Technorati, it has suddenly started to recognize some tags I pinged it about weeks ago. These include googleshare, redcouch, and iupload. I'm not sure why Technorati didn't pick up on them before, but thanks to whoever fixed the previous oversight.

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