Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TypePad Trial

My 30-day free trial of TypePad ends in a couple of days. It was an interesting trial, and I liked TypePad, but I was never tempted to move to it from Blogger. My recent comparison between Blogger and TypePad gives my reasons for staying with Blogger; it also includes links to my earlier posts on my trial of TypePad.

I'll make just one final note that may be of interest to those who try TypePad and want to stay with it. It appears that changes to the template you make at Plus or Pro levels of service are retained after downgrade to a lower level. For example, I started off my trial at the Basic level. I then upgraded, still within the free trial period, to Plus. I made some changes to the template that had not been available to me at the Basic level. I just downgraded back to Basic. The template changes are still there.

So if you like TypePad at the Basic level except for restrictions on what you can do to the template, you can sign up for the 30-day trial at the Plus or Pro level, set up your template, then downgrade to Basic in time to get the $4.95/month rate. Of course, your template will to some extent be frozen once you go down to Basic, and you may decide that you can't live without one of the Plus or Pro features.

Thanks to Six Apart for the test drive of TypePad. I may return if Blogger doesn't include key features such as categories and trackback soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I used to run my most important blogs with typepad. Reason is that they are always improving the service while blogger is frozen since Google bought it

Perhaps you may try Yesblogs trial.
They support categories and trackbacks. This is the blog solution use by my daughter.


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