Thursday, March 17, 2005

YHOO & MSFT (cont.)

I found this cnet article on Yahoo 360 yesterday, but too late to link to in yesterday's post. I was struck by the following quote from Yahoo's VP for network services. Her use of the words "first" and "immediate" worries me, especially in the light of how hideously ad-ridden Yahoo Groups is.
Herendeen said Yahoo had no immediate plans to add advertising to the service. "We're focused on engaging people first," she said.
I think that I can now put into words my objection to MSN Spaces, following Mike Torres' comment to yesterday's post, and a little more time spent with "my" MSN space. It doesn't feel like my space. It feels like MSN's space with content provided by me. For example, MSN grabs a big slice of the top of the page, and puts some of its stuff there.

I can't help drawing the contrast with Blogger/Blogspot. That service grabs the top slice of screen for its NavBar, but it's a fairly thin slice. Because it gives me access to the template HTML, I can hack it off my blog if it really annoys me. Blogger requests that I include their button somewhere in my template, but I don't mind that: it's only 88x31 px, and I can place it anywhere I want.

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