Friday, April 01, 2005

WordPress Themes

Themes are a feature introduced into WordPress in V1.5. Alex King just posted the results of his theme design contest, which drew some 140 entries. The sidebar of the contest blog features a theme switch plugin: just click on the name of a theme, and you'll see the blog using that theme!

Almost Spring, my own favorite among the entries I had time to check out, won the "Global Appeal" prize. The "Grand Poobah" prize went to Connections, which I also like a lot. I have a weakness for pictures which, like the one at the top of Connections, prominently feature some kind of road or other route running from "front to back" of the shot.

I am impressed by WordPress not only because of the software itself, but because of the complementary resources available. Themes are just one type of resource. Another is documentation. The example most relevant to the current post is probably the Using Themes page of the WordPress Codex. It includes pointers to lists of themes. There are already over 200. (140 is just the number of contest entries, and not every theme was entered.)

But, even with all these available, some of us are thinking of developing our own themes. A very good resource here is the Visual Anatomy of a theme, which I found via this post at the WordPress Reference Center.

It's a pity that the news about WordPress isn't all good. This post at describes search engine spam at I won't comment on this matter, except to say that... no, I really won't comment right now.

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