Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yahoo 360: More, but not much

I'm not overwhelmed by Yahoo 360. I don't hate it either, but I feel no compelling reason to use my 360 page, other than curiosity. It seems as though my friends there, who are mainly people who responded to my earlier post offering invites, feel the same way, since I see very little activity at their 360 sites.

This may not be as bad as it sounds for 360. I am working from a small sample. The target audience for a beta test may not overlap much with the target audience for 360. 360 seems to be aimed at people who want an easy-to-use one-stop website, where they can blog, post photos, connect with friends, etc.

Beta testers are probably more... well, like me. I like the idea of using different services, each of which does its job well while offering, or at least allowing, integration with other services. And yes, I am thinking of Flickr, and yes, Yahoo had better not screw it up.

And yes, I still have invites to 360, just in case the above ringing endorsement has got anyone curious.

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Blogger an orange said...

I've been pretty underwhelmed too. I tried to keep up the blog for awhile but felt crowded by all the stuff that I already have elsewhere.

Also, it makes me a little nervous to have it connected to my old Yahoo account that has been collecting random bits about me for years.

Yahoo 360 would have been amazing a couple of years ago; it came out too late, and without enough new toys to play with.

12:48 AM  
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